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All of the copies of famous statues we produce made from a  material in which natural crushed Greek Alabaster stone is mixed with a small quantity of resin that works as a glue. Αlabaster was very widely used for small sculpture for indoor use in the ancient world

The construction of the statue begins with the creation of the mold. The mold is made by hand-crafted artisans and is an exact copy of the ancient statue. The prepared mixture of alabaster powder and resin is poured into the mold. The very fine dust of the alabaster allows us to make a copy with great precision in detail. The copy is then hand-crafted and perfected by our experienced craftsmen. The painting is then polished with indelible colors in white, museum patina or colored. The quality of the construction is of a high standard so that we have a perfect result that remains unchanged over time.

Our statues are not carved. Statues of natural marble carved in the hand are very expensive constructions. Our effort is to give you a product at a very good price with perfect construction. A perfect copy of the prototype with an emphasis on detail that does not hurt from time.

All of our items are hand krafted and every item is unique so there is a possiblity for slight differences from the pictures.