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About Us

Nestled in one of the picturesque corners of Athens, "Greek Statues" is not a shop. It's a gateway to ancient Greece, where art and history come to life through exquisite statues and artworks.

The Beginning of the Journey

Our story begins many years ago when Stelios, a young man with a passion for ancient Greek art, traveled all over Greece to explore archaeological museums and excavations. During his travels, he discovered the magic of Cycladic art and the dazzling beauty of ancient Greek alabaster statues and traditional pottery.

The Idea is Born

Inspired by these ancient creations, Stelios decided to create a shop that would offer visitors the opportunity to acquire authentic works of art, crafted with the same love and skill as the ancient artisans. Thus, the idea for "Greek Statues" was born.

The e-shop

The beginning was made with the creation of an eshop.

The eshop houses a rich collection of alabaster statues and sculptures depicting gods and heroes from Greek mythology, as well as stunning Cycladic figurines, characterized by their simple, clean lines that exude a timeless aesthetic.

Additionally, visitors can find exquisite examples of traditional Greek pottery, from amphorae and kylixes to decorative plates and vases, all handmade by skilled artisans who follow ancient techniques.

The Visitor Experience

Every visitor who steps into "Greek Statues" embarks on a journey back in time. Stelios and his team are always eager to share their knowledge and the stories behind each piece, making the visit a unique experience.

The Vision

Stelios's vision is to preserve and spread the rich cultural heritage of Greece. Through the artworks at "Greek Statues," every customer can take home a piece of ancient Greece, keeping the flame of art and history alive.


"Greek Statues" is not just an e-shop; it is a bridge that connects the past with the present. Each statue, each piece of pottery is a testament to Greece's eternal heritage, ready to find a place in the home or office of every art and history enthusiast.