Studio Collection by Veronese Design - A Choice of Quality!


STUDIO COLLECTION is a premium brand of the finest craftsmanship.

This collection of Veronese statues is breathtaking in the details achieved. All the pieces are made from a composite of Real Bronze Metal and Cold Cast Resin, and as can be seen the results are quite stunning. The bronze powder mixed in cold cast resin ensures a richer, more life-like presentation giving the illusion of soft material and highlighting the soft detail of any fabrics worn by the subject. This can be seen in detail in spite of being cast in a hard material.

The collector will appreciate the care taken with the additional items that help complete the sculpture. The hand-painted color accents and antique finish further add to the depth and richness of the artwork. A great deal of care is taken in producing and finishing each piece down to the felting of the base for the protection of furniture. These are relatively heavy for their size and are packed in sculptured polystyrene inner packing then packed in a gift presentation.

 The figurines can be considered as “Tomorrow’s Antiques – Today.”


Simply put, this is very much a Class Act Quality Product.


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